What is the Age of Bubzbeauty? Husband, Net Worth 2023, Bio

Lindy Tsang

Who is Bubzbeauty?

Lindy Tsang, aka Bubzbeauty, is a popular YouTuber. Many people have been entertained and helped by her YouTube channel, where she enjoys posting beauty and skincare-related videos. However, her divorce has recently drawn a lot of attention to herself.

Fans began to wonder why the skincare expert ended her previous relationship. They’ve also speculated about whether her ex-husband was cheating on her. So, please stay with us to learn more about her divorce and whether she was a victim of a broken relationship or not.

Quick Facts About Bubzbeauty
Full Name: Lindy Tsang
Age: 34 years old
Birthday:  6
Birthplace: Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Sagaratus
Marital Status: Divorced
Ex-husband: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Profession: Popular YouTuber
Net Worth: N/A
Height: N/A

Who is Lindy Tsang’s  Ex-husband?

Bubzbeauty previously had a marital relationship with her ex-husband, who goes by the name Tim. She was initially tight-lipped about her relationship status until a fan questioned her about it. Following this, she discloses that she is no longer married. To avoid further questions and rumors, she ended the conversation by saying she didn’t want to explain her life to anyone.

While she attempted to end the subject by saying so, it had the opposite effect on her fans, who began to wonder what had happened in her previous relationship; many of her fans were genuinely sad upon hearing the news of her separation. Furthermore, they began to suspect that her ex-husband had cheated on her with someone else.

Lindy Tsang
Caption: Lindy Tsang with her Daughters (Photo: Instagram)

Was Tim unfaithful to Bubzbeauty

Tim and Bubzbeauty split up after spending a long time together. They also have two beautiful kids from their marriage, Isaac and Ayla. Bubzbeauty explained her separation by stating that whatever had to happen did. She has not, however, revealed the reason for their separation.

A person claims that her ex-husband hit him/her in a thread on the Guru Gossip Community Forum. However, the veracity of this claim is called into question because the comment came from an account called “gayboygossip.” The username appears suspicious, and there is no further confirmation, so it could be a forgery.

Bubzbeauty has moved on from her previous relationship and is now enjoying her life as things have finally started to fall into place for her. In addition, we know that despite their separation, she is still on good terms with her ex-husband. This is due to her desire for her children’s happiness.

Lindy Tsang
Caption: Lindy Tsang posing for a photo(Photo: Instagram)

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