Mike Todd’s Birthday, Height, Net Worth 2022, Family, Wife, and Bio

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Who is Mike Todd?

Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen, better known as Mike Todd, was an American theater and film producer. He was well-known for his work on Around the World in “80 Days,” which won an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1956.

Quick Facts of Mike Todd
Full Name: Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen
Date of Death: March 22, 1958
Birthday: June 22, 1909
Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Cancer
Wife: Bertha Freshman
Net Worth: $5 million
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Profession: film producer
Sibling: N/A

When was Mike Todd Born?

Mike Todd was born on June 22, 1909, as Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. He was of mixed ethnicity and nationality, but he was an American. Similarly, his religion was Christian, and he was white.

Mike last celebrated his 48th birthday in 1958, and according to his birthdate, he was born under the sign of Cancer. He was the son of a Polish Jewish immigrant father, Chaim Goldbogen (an Orthodox rabbi), and a Polish Jewish mother, Sophia Hellerman.

He was the youngest son in a family of nine children, and his siblings dubbed him “Tod” (pronounced “Toat” in German) to mimic his difficulty pronouncing the word “coat.” It was from this that he got his name.

What was the Cause of Mike Todd’s Death?

On March 22, 1958, Mike Todd’s private plane, the Liz, crashed near Grants, New Mexico. The plane, a twin-engine Lockheed Lodestar, experienced engine failure while flying overloaded in icing conditions at an altitude too high for only one engine to work under the heavy load.

The plane lost control and crashed, killing all four people on board. Todd flew on this plane five days before the crash to Albuquerque, 78 miles (126 km) east of the crash site, to promote a screening of “Michael Todd’s Around the World in 80 Days.” Mike was on his way to New York to accept the “Showman of the Year” award from the New York Friars Club.

Aside from Todd, those killed in the crash included screenwriter and author Art Cohn, who was working on Todd’s biography “The Nine Lives of Michael Todd.” Todd described the plane as safe to friends just hours before the crash. After his father’s body was identified through dental records and brought to Albuquerque, New Mexico, his son, Mike Jr., requested that it be cremated, but Taylor refused, stating that he did not want cremation.

Graverobbers desecrated Todd’s remains in June 1977. The thieves broke into his casket in search of a $100,000 diamond ring, which Taylor, according to rumor, had placed on her husband’s finger prior to his burial.

What was the Net Worth of Mike Todd?

Mike Todd was a versatile man with a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death, but his exact salary had not been revealed. Mike had amassed a sizable career from his profession, as his primary source of income was as a theater and film producer.

Who was Mike Todd’s Wife?

Mike Todd was a happily married man. On Valentine’s Day 1927, at the age of 17, he married Bertha Freshman in Crown Point, Indiana. Mike Todd, Jr., the couple’s first son, was born in 1929. Bertha, his wife, died of a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) on August 12, 1946, in Santa Monica, California, while undergoing surgery for a damaged tendon in her finger at St. John’s Hospital.

Todd and his wife were divorced at the time of her death; he had filed for divorce less than a week before Freshman’s death. Mike married actress Joan Blondell on July 5, 1947, but they divorced on June 8, 1950, after Blondell filed for divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty.

His third marriage was to actress Elizabeth Taylor, with whom he had a turbulent relationship. On February 2, 1957, in Mexico, the couple exchanged vows in a ceremony officiated by the mayor of Acapulco. Both the 24-year-old bride and her 47-year-old groom were married for the third time.

Todd and Taylor had a daughter named Elizabeth Frances (Liza) Todd, who was born on August 6, 1957. Todd was straight when it came to his sexual orientation.

What was the Height of Mike Todd?

Mike Todd stood 5 feet 5 inches tall and had an average body type. He had dark brown eyes and black hair.

When did Mike Todd Begin his Career?

  • Mike Todd began his career in the construction industry, where he made and then lost a fortune, whereas his first foray into the film industry was as a contractor to Hollywood studios.
  • During the 1933-1934 Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, he produced an attraction called the “Flame Dance,” and he got his first taste of Broadway with the engagement, and he was determined to find a way to work there.
  • Then he decided to do his own Broadway version, “The Hot Mikado,” which premiered on March 23, 1939.
  • During his career, he also produced 17 Broadway shows, including the hugely successful burlesque revue “Star and Garter” starring comedian Bobby Clark, “The Naked Genius” written by and starring stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, and a 1945 production of “Hamlet” starring Maurice Evans.
  • He proposed holding the 1945 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in newly liberated Berlin, and he produced the Johann Strauss II operetta “A Night in Venice” in 1952.
  • Todd founded Cinerama in 1950 with broadcaster Lowell Thomas and inventor Fred Waller, and the first Cinerama film, “This is Cinerama,” was released in September 1952.
  • He later left the Cinerama Company to develop a widescreen process that would correct some of Cinerama’s flaws.
  • He soon made the film for which he was best known, “Michael Todd’s Around the World in 80 Days,” which was released in theaters on October 17, 1956.
  • Furthermore, a William Woolfolk novel titled “My Name Is Morgan” from the early 1960s was thought to be loosely based on Todd’s life and career.

Mike Todd was a theater and film producer from the United States. On June 22, 1909, Mike Todd was born. Mike Todd was a multi-talented man with a $5 million net worth. On Valentine’s Day 1927, he married Bertha Freshman at the age of 17. Mike Todd was 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

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