Nikki Mudarris Net Worth 2021, Boyfriend, Parents, Age, Height, Bio

Who is Nikki Mudarris?

Nikki Mudarris is a hot American model and television personality who has amassed a sizable fan base in recent years. On seasons three, four, and five of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, she was a main cast member.

She had previously appeared as a supporting and uncredited character in seasons one, two, and six. In addition, Nikki Mudarris is well-known in the social world. She is also a social media influencer who shares her incredible photos and videos on her platforms.

What is the Age of Nikki Mudarris?

Nikki Mudarris was born on June 28, 1990, in the United Kingdom. She is now 31 years old and was born under the sign of Cancer. Mudarris was born in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, to the well-to-do family of Abu Mudarris and Marcelle Mudarris. She was raised with her two siblings, Anthony Omar Mudarris and Monique Mudarris, to whom she remains very close.

Her zodiac element is Water, her zodiac symbol is Carb, her zodiac quality is Cardinal, her sign ruler is Moon, Saturn is her detriment, Jupiter is her exaltation, and Mars is her fall. Moonstone, Ruby, Emerald, and Pearl are her birthstones. Her lucky numbers are two, seven, and nine, and her lucky colors are white, cream, red, and yellow.

Nikki Mudarris, like all Cancers, is intense, incredibly charismatic, and attractive. People admire her for her passionate, creative, intuitive, and caring personality. People dislike her because she is extremely sensitive, has an unstable mood, and has a suspicious personality. She can be resentful and manipulative at times.

Nikki Mudarris earned her graduate degree in Business Communication in 2014 after completing her academic journey at the University of Southern California. Nikki used to be very involved in sports and other school activities. She was also very good at academic studies as a result of this.

Who is Nikki Mudarris Dating Currently?

Relationship Status Nikki Mudarris’ love affairs have caused quite a few controversies. She hooked up with Mally Mall in 2012, but they split up after Mall leaked a sex tape featuring Nikki. She dated Ausrrrrin Dye, Joseline Hernandez, Jamal Rashid, Rosa Acosta, and Safaree Samuels after that. She is currently single and concentrating on her career. She has remained silent about her relationship status, and it appears that she is currently single.

What is the Net Worth of Nikki Mudarris?

Nikki has an estimated net worth of one million dollars as a socialite, lingerie designer, strip club heiress, actor, and model. She has a lot of money and is content with her single and luxurious life for the time being.

When Did Nikki Mudarris Began Career?

Nikki Mudarris began her acting career in the television series Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: After Party Live in 2015. She appeared in two episodes of this television series as her own character.

Following that, she co-starred with Entertainment Weekly in the 2015 television special VH1 Big 2015. From 2016 to 2017, she appeared in another television series titled “Love and Hip-hop: Atlanta.”

Nikki rose to prominence after appearing in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of Love and Hip-hop: Hollywood. From 2014 to 2017, she played her own character in this television series. She was on the show for nearly 76 episodes in total. Nikki played a major role in this television series’ seasons three, four, and five, as well as a minor uncredited role in seasons one, two, and six. These reality television shows have over 100 episodes.

Nikki has gained a lot of fame and name from her great acting skills and talents despite the fact that she has only done a few works in the American showbiz industry up to this point. Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, Hip Hop Squares, Love and Hip Hop: New York, Sacred Famous, The Real, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee Uncensored, VH1 Big in 2915 with Entertainment Weekly, and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live are among her shortlisted filmographies.