What is the Net Worth of Parag Agrawal in 2022? Age, Height, Wife, Bio

Who is Parag Agrawal?

Parag Agrawal is an Indian-American businessman who previously worked in technology and is now the CEO of Twitter. In 2011, PAG was hired as a software engineer at Twitter.

In 2017, he was appointed chief technology officer. Recently, on November 29th, 2021, Jack Dorsey announced that he would resign as CEO of Twitter, and that Agarwal would take over immediately.

Quick Facts of Parag Agrawal
Full Name: Parag Agrawal
Age: 37 Years
Birthday: 21 May 1984
Birthplace: Maharashtra, India
Nationality: Indian
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Gemini
Wife: Vineeta Agrawal
Net Worth: $1.52 million
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Profession: Technology Executive
Sibling: N/A

What is the Age of Parag Agrawal?

Parag was born in 1983/84 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to a middle-class family and grew up in Khargar. His father worked for the government, and his mother was a retired teacher.

His father used to be a senior official with the Indian Atomic Energy Commission. Agarwal attended Atomic Energy Central School No. 4, where he shared a class with Shreya Ghosal.

In 2001, he won the gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in Turkey. In 2005, he received a degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He later relocated to the United States to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford University.

What is the Net Worth of Parag Agrawal?

Paraga Agarwal is of Indian origin and has lived in America since his age, when he began attending college. His parents are both of Indian descent. When it was made public on the same social media platform, he became the chief executive officer of Twitter. He is in his late thirties.

Agarwal is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. When the former CEO announced his departure from the network, his new position as CEO took effect immediately.

Who is Parag Agrawal’s Wife?

Vineeta Agarwal, the general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, is married to Parag Agrawal. Andreessen Horowitz is a venture capital firm that has made investments in biological companies, digital health companies, and therapeutics and diagnostics firms.

After Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO, Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal, was recently announced. People who have been interested in or connected with the venture for a long time were taken aback by Jack’s decision to leave the company. People are now eager to learn who will succeed the CEO.

Parag Agrawal is married to Vineeta Agrawal, with whom he has a son. Despite the fact that Vineeta has not given her opinion on her husband’s new position, she is gaining a lot of attention after her husband was announced as the new CEO of the largest social media platform, Twitter.

Vineeta Agarwal is a venture capital investor, according to TOI. She has a Twitter account where she describes herself as a doctor and adjunct clinical professor at Stanford Medicine. She has over 12,000 followers on Twitter, where she frequently shares posts about her field of interest.

Vineeta is frequently seen posting photos of her son and husband. She has yet to post anything about her husband’s new job on Twitter. However, Parag recently posted a lengthy thank-you note to Jack and the Twitter team for accepting him as the new CEO and providing him with the opportunity.

When did Parag Agrawal Begin his Career?

  • Following the departure of former CTO Adam Massinger, Twitter announced in October 2017 that Parag would be joining the organization as chief technology officer (CTO). As a distinguished software engineer, Agarwal joined the network in 2011. Prior to joining Twitter in this capacity, Parag held leadership positions at Microsoft Research and Yahoo! Research.
  • According to his Twitter leadership page, Parag is in charge of Twitter’s technology strategy as well as machine learning. His work was limited to artificial intelligence across the consumer, revenue, and science teams. In December 2019, Twitter CEO Evan Williams announced that Agarwal would be joining the Project Bluesky team.
  • It was similar to an independent team of open sources developing an open and decentralized social media standard with controlled abusive and misleading information on the platform. On November 29, 2021, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced his resignation and the appointment of Agarwal as the company’s new CEO.
  • Following the announcement, Agarwal was caught up in a Twitter backlash after tweeting in 2010: “If they’re not going to make a distinction between Muslims and extremists, then why should I make a distinction between white people and racists?” The tweet was made in response to a story on “The Daily Show” about Asif Mandvi.

Parag Agrawal is an Indian-American businessman. Parag was born in 1983/84 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Paraga Agarwal is of Indian origin and has lived in America since his age, when he began attending college. Vineeta Agarwal, the general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, is married to Parag Agrawal.