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Who is Tom Fogerty?

Tom Fogerty was a well-known musician from the United States. Tom Fogerty is best known as Creedence Clearwater Revival’s rhythm guitarist.

Where was Tom Fogerty Born?

Tom Fogerty was born Thomas Richard Fogerty on November 9, 1941, in Berkeley, California. He was an American citizen who practiced Christianity. Similarly, he was born under the sun sign of Virgo. Moving on, he was born to his father, Galen Robert Bob Fogerty, and his mother, Edith Lucile Fogerty.

He was his parents’ second son, and he had an older brother named James Robert, as well as three younger brothers named John Cameron, Daniel Andrew, and Bob Fogerty. In California, his father worked as a Linotype operator. Similarly, his mother was a second-grade teacher from Great Falls, Montana.

Where did Tom Fogerty Complete his Education?

In terms of education, he attended Harding Grammer School alongside his brother John. They did, however, form separate groups.

Tom Fogerty Cause of Death

In the 1980s, Fogerty had back surgery and received a blood transfusion that was not tested for HIV. As a result, he became infected with the virus, which led to him contracting AIDS and subsequent TB problems, all of which led to his death on September 6, 1990. Following his death, a music collection titled The Very Best of Tom Fogerty was released.

Who was Tom Fogerty’s Wife?

Tom has been married twice in his life. On May 8, 1960, he married his first wife, Loretta Gail Skinner. They were the parents of four children. The couple was married for 17 years before divorcing in 1977. Similarly, on October 19, 1980, he married his second wife Patricia Suzanne Clapper (also known as Tricia Clapper). They had two children. Tricia remained by Tom’s side until his death.

What were the Body Measurements of Tom Fogerty?

There is no valid data available for his body measurements. Looking at old photos of him, he had curly shiny brown hair and beards. He, too, had a pair of light brown eyes.

When Did Tom Fogerty Begin Career?

  • In 1959, Spider Webb and the Insects signed a recording contract with Del-Fi Albums.
  • However, the band disbanded before any records were released. Tom eventually became a member of the band “The Blue Velvets.” In 1961 and 1962, this band recorded three songs for Orchestra Records.
  • In 1968, the band was renamed Creedence Clearwater Revival, and John took over as the band’s full-time lead vocalist and principal composer.
  • Throughout CCR’s brief existence, Tom provided background vocals and wrote songs, but only one of his compositions from when the band was known as the Golliwogs (“Walking on the Water”) was re-recorded and included on the band’s first album.
  • He left the band in early 1971, shortly after finishing the recording of Pendulum, due to a lack of vocal and composting opportunities, as well as a simmering, long-standing rivalry with his brother.
  • After leaving the band, Fogerty began performing and recording as a solo artist.
  • Some of his lesser hits included “Cast The First Stone,” “Goodbye Media Man,” “B.A.R.T,” and “Joyful Resurrection.” He decided to stay with Fantasy Records. In 1971, his solo debut album, “Tom Fogerty,” debuted at No. 78 on the Billboard 200.
  • Excalibur, Jerry Garcia, and Merl Saunders all played on the sessions for the follow-up album. Zephyr National, John Fogerty’s 1974 follow-up album, featured Stu Cook and Doug Clifford (former bass guitarist and drummer for CCR).
  • Cook and Clifford also appeared on Tom’s fourth album, Myopia, which was released in 1974. Tom Fogerty continued to record solo and with Ruby throughout the rest of the 1970s and 1980s.
  • He sued Fantasy Records for all CCR-era earnings. Tom later re-signed with Fantasy.
  • In October 1980, for the first time in a decade, all four members of CCR reunited and performed at Tom’s wedding reception to Tricia Clapper.
  • They returned to the stage for the final time three years later during a school reunion. Tom Fogerty lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for the rest of his life.

Tom Fogerty was born Thomas Richard Fogerty on November 9, 1941, in Berkeley, California. On May 8, 1960, he married his first wife, Loretta Gail Skinner.