What was the cause of Grant Wahl’s death? His Wife, Bio

Grant Wahl

Grant Wahl was a New York-based American sports journalist and soccer analyst for CBS Sports, as well as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and a correspondent for Fox Sports. In addition, he wrote the book The Beckham Experiment.

What was the Death Cause of Grant Wahl?

Celine Gounder, the wife of Grant Wahl (American journalist) who died while covering the World Cup says “nothing nefarious about his death”. Wahl died on Friday during the World Cup quarterfinal match between the Netherlands and Argentina at the age of 48.

He had described feeling pressure in his chest in the days leading up to that match. Grant Wahl also revealed that he had visited a hospital in Qatar and was told he most likely had bronchitis.

Wahl’s brother initially suspected foul play after his death, but an autopsy report confirmed that it was caused by and take an aneurysm. His wife, Celine Gounder, a doctor, said the autopsy revealed bleeding around his heart.

She went on to say that no amount of CPR could have saved him. Wahl was revived in the press box before being taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

His death prompted messages from a number of prominent figures in American sports, including members of the United States team.